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Business Services

The Business and Finance Division is responsible for the fiscal management of the Santa Maria-Bonita School District, including all finance, accounting, budget, and payroll functions.

The department is responsible for the District's risk management, purchasing, food services, and legal functions. School and District emergency preparedness is managed by the Business Services office.


Matthew Beecher

Titles: Deputy Superintendent
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8130

Brian King

Titles: Classified Management, Coordinator Budget-Finance
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8132

Kimberly Norton

Titles: Classified Management, Accounting Supervisor
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8137

Maria Mota

Titles: Administrative Secretary
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8131

Maria Chavez

Titles: Accounts Payable Clerk
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8150

Sean Chenoweth

Titles: Classified Management, Risk Manager Supervisor
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8253

Veronica Cuenca

Titles: Account Tech/Budget Control
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8138

Anel Diaz

Titles: Buyer
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8176

Lorina Diaz

Titles: Accounting Payable Clerk
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8136

Jesus Fuentes

Titles: Accounts Payable Clerk
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-4617

Karmen Gunn

Titles: Certificated Payroll
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8134

Beliefs and Values

  • Being respectful
  • Timely response
  • Being proactive
  • Providing accurate and reliable information
  • Teamwork
  • A professional and friendly environment
  • Communication
  • Financial responsibility
  • Processes with a purpose
  • Continuous learning