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Developer Fee Studies and Reports

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Developer Fees

Fees Adjustment May 8, 2024

The Board of Education approved an adjustment to the fees on May 8, 2024, Which will start on as of that day.

Fees as of May 8, 2024

  • New Residential Development: $7.16 per square foot
  • Residential Remodel/Additions: $3.69 per square foot
  • Commercial: $0.60 per square foot
  • Storage: $0.13 per square foot

No impact fees are due on additional Dwelling Units (ADU's) under 500 square feet or additions to existing residential units under 500 square feet. 

Payment: Developer Fee Payments Can be Made at the District Business Office

Please email to schedule an appointment.

Exact cash or checks only. Checks should be made out to Santa Maria-Bonita School District or SMBSD. We cannot accept credit cards.

The actual impact cost or residential construction on school facilities is:

  • $20.71 per square foot, based on 1273 square foot average.

This is a residential monetary shortfall of $17.02 per square foot developed. 

The actual impact cost of commercial construction to school facilities per square foot constructed is:

  • Banks: $5.90
  • Community Shopping Centers: $3.19
  • Neighborhood Shopping Centers: $5.64
  • Industrial Business Parks: $7.33
  • Industrial Parks: $2.81
  • Rental Self Storage: $0.13
  • Scientific Research & Development: $6.33
  • Lodging: $2.36
  • Standard Commercial Office: $9.97
  • Large Hidh Rise Commercial Office: $8.97
  • Corporate Offices: $5.60
  • Medical Offices: $8.89

The State Statutory fee for commercial construction is $0.60 per square foot.

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