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Educational Services

Our Vision for Student Success       

Santa Maria-Bonita is committed to preparing successful citizens who are college and career ready.  To achieve this level of readiness, every student will learn at grade level and beyond through effective Tier 1 practices.  We have a deliberate, intentional culture of learning with high expectations where every day, every educator, every staff member, and every student seeks to learn and strives for growth.  We support and challenge each other to stay focused on what matters most:  ensuring that in every classroom our students are tackling relevant, challenging content, taking ownership for their learning and improving every day.              

The Purpose of Educational Services (ES)     

Interdepartmental team working collaboratively to define, support, and engage all stakeholders in the implementation of high quality Tier 1 practices that drive all student learning.  Provide leadership in the overall operations of the ES departments which include; Teaching and Learning core, Teaching and Learning supplemental, School Support, Plan Alignment, Special Education, and Student and Family Services. 

Ms. Lochungvu is a Cabinet member representing the ES departments and is the lead of the Educational Leadership Team (ELT), which focuses on high quality first instruction and system coherence.

Maijue Lochungvu
Assistant Superintendent Educational Service