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Organizational Review of Human Resources Report - February 2023

Employment Verification

For written verification of employment, please email the form to or fax to (805) 928-6451. Due to the high volume of requests for employment verification, most written requests will take 1-3 business days to complete. For verbal verification of employment, please call Maria Sanchez at (805) 361-8121 and leave a voicemail if necessary.

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Peter Bland Ed. D.

Titles: Assistant Superintendent Human Resources
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8120

Andrea Alvarez

Titles: Director of Human Resources
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-5954

Patricia Zepeda

Titles: Coordinator of Human Resources
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8122

Martita Lapop-Barrios

Titles: Confidential Administrative Secretary
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8116

Hannah Class

Titles: Benefits Clerk, Employee Benefits; Workers' Compensation
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8124

Jennifer Escobedo

Titles: Classified Personnel Clerk II, Classified Leaves; EWRs
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8115

Annabel Figueroa

Titles: Personnel Clerk I
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8128

Yadira Figueroa

Titles: Personel Clerk, Classified Recruitment

Richard Flores

Titles: Personnel Clerk
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-623-1107

Melissa Gutierrez

Titles: Certificated Recruitment
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8129

Yesenia Morales

Titles: Personel Clerk, Classified Recruitment
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8126

Maribel Paduganan

Titles: District Receptionist, Blling
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-928-1783

Maria Salcido

Titles: Peronnel Clerk II, Classified Payroll
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8127

Miranda Salinas

Titles: Personnel Clerk, Classified Recruitment; Substitute Teacher Recruitment
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-5959

Maria Sanchez

Titles: Personnel Clerk, Sub Service; Testing; Employment Verification
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8121