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Maintenance & Operations/Transportation

School Facilities & Maintenance: The district takes great efforts to ensure that all schools are clean, safe, and functional through proper facilities maintenance and campus supervision.

Ongoing maintenance and campus improvements ensure facilities remain up to date and provide adequate space for students and staff.

District maintenance and site custodial staff ensure that the repairs necessary to keep the schools in good condition are completed in a timely manner. A work order process is used by school and district staff to communicate non-routine maintenance requests. Emergency repairs are given the highest priority.

M&O is responsible for student transportation to and from school. For bus stops, please see these documents.

Javier Cavazos Jr

Titles: Classified Management, Coordinator Maint-Operations
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8256

Richard Medina

Titles: Classified Management, Maintenance Operations Supervisor
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8258

James Michaelis

Titles: Classified Management, Construction/School Facility Supervisor
Phone Numbers:
School: 805-361-8255

Joey Vecente

Titles: Custodial Supervisor
Phone Numbers:
School: 805-361-8259

Matthew Cameron

Titles: Student Housing Technician
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8278

Leticia Cuellar

Titles: Clerical Support, Secretary II, Editor
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8260

Marilu Vega

Titles: Clerk Typist IV
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8261

Barbara Houghton

Titles: Clerk III
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8257