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Boundary Exception Transfers

Intra-District Transfer: You reside within the Santa Maria-Bonita School District boundaries and would like to enroll your child in a school within the district other than the school your child was assigned.

Inter-District Transfer: You reside outside of the Santa Maria-Bonita School District boundaries and would your child to attend a school within the district or you reside within the district and would like your child to attend a school in a neighboring district.

The first open enrollment window for the 24/25 school year has closed.  No new requests are being accepted.  If you would like to submit a boundary exception request, the second open enrollment window will begin on August 1.

2024/2025 Open Enrollment windows:

  • Intra-District:

    • May 15 through June 15

      August 1 through August 31

  • Inter-District (inbound):

    • May 15 through June 15

      August 1 through August 21

  • Inter-District (outbound):

    • Year-round (subject to the open enrollment window of the destination school district)

Requests received during the first open enrollment window will take priority over those from the second open enrollment window.  Requests will be processed through September 30.  Any request that cannot be accommodated by September 30 will be denied.


Due to excessive enrollment, boundary transfer requests will only be accepted if they meet one of the eligibility criteria below and the student had acceptable attendance last year, defined as tardies and truancy days below 10%. For junior high students, acceptable attendance means fewer than 36 tardies (or a prorated amount if they attended less than a full year) and fewer than 10 truancy days. All other requests will be rejected. We will re-evaluate which schools and grades are open to transfers before the secondary open enrollment window. If your desired school and grade are not available during the first window, please check back on August 1.

Open Enrollment Eligibility

  1. Open Enrollment for Students wishing to remain at their Current School: Students currently attending a SMBSD school that is not their school of residence may apply to remain at that school during Open Enrollment.
  2. Open Enrollment for Siblings: Students with siblings attending a District school may apply for Open Enrollment at that school.
  3. Open Enrollment for Children of SMBSD Staff: Children of SMBSD staff members are eligible for Open Enrollment (both Intra-District and Inter-District).
  4. Open Enrollment for Other Intra-District Transfers: If criteria #1 through #3 do not apply to your student, here are the schools and grades accepting Intra-District transfers (shown in green) and those that are not (shown in red):
    (Click the image to view a PDF of the Open Enrollment chart)
    Image of Open Enrollment PDF 2024-24
  5. An Inter-District student who will suffer or whose immediate family member(s) will suffer an extraordinary hardship due to a denial of their inter-district transfer request may apply for an exemption. Inter-District transfers will not be granted (1) because of special characteristics of a particular school, (2) due to child care considerations, (3) because of employment within the district, (4) as a result of parental separation or divorce, or (5) on account of transportation issues.
  6. When the parent/guardian provides written evidence that the family will be moving into the district
    within the first 30 days of the school year.
  7. All Other Transfers Closed: Any transfers not covered by the above categories are closed.