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Student and Family Services

Mission Statement

The Office of Student and Family Services is committed to providing services to students and families who are experiencing academic, behavioral, emotional, physical, and/or social difficulties. The Student and Family Services Director collaborates with school administrators, teachers, agencies, human service providers, and other student support services personnel to coordinate services for families in order that students may achieve the maximum benefits from their educational experience.

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Brian Zimmerman Ed.D.

Titles: Director of Student and Family Svcs.
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8141

Rachele Azziz

Titles: Program Specialist
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-5847

Nancy Garza

Titles: Secretary II, Editor
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8144

Virginia Grote

Titles: Clerk Typist
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-7410

Rosario (Rose) Kaye

Titles: Clerk Typist / CUMes / Records, Editor
Phone Numbers:
Office: 805-361-8169