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After School Programs


Our after school program stands as a robust haven, nurturing young minds beyond the school day. Offering an expansive array of activities, from STEM workshops sparking inventive curiosity to arts and crafts fostering creative expression, we cultivate a diverse and engaging environment. Our dedicated leaders guide students through academic support sessions and encourage scholastic growth. Additionally, we provide physical activity sessions that promote fitness and well-being, along with a nutritious snack and supper to fuel their energy and support their development. This program is offered for full-time TK - 8th grade at all sites, supplemented by two off-site locations, ensuring accessibility and inclusion across the community. Furthermore, our program instills values of teamwork and leadership through sports and collaborative projects, ensuring holistic development. With a commitment to providing a safe, inclusive space where exploration and learning flourish, our after school initiative fortifies and enriches the educational journey of every participant.

ASP - After School Program Registration