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Gifted and Talented Education


The Santa Maria-Bonita School District G.A.T.E. Program supports a quality educational program for all gifted students in order to develop knowledge, skills and natural abilities for their students that will empower them to reach their full potential.  G.A.T.E. services are offered through the following services throughout the district:

*Differentiated learning opportunities commensurate with the individual students' abilities and/or talents.
*Alternative learning environments that extend the academic content standards with depth and complexity.
*Opportunities for students to develop problem-solving skills.
*Opportunities for students to develop a healthy self-concept and leadership skills.

Student objectives in the classroom:
*To participate in differentiated classroom instruction within the regular classroom day.
*To work independently and apply academic rigor to their daily work.

Forms available:

Qualifications for GATE

Qualification Review Packet and Form

Qualification Review Form (not yet active)

Universal Screening for all 2nd graders will begin in February and end in March. No G.A.T.E. assessments will be administered outside of this window.  Parents have the option of not having their child assessed for identification. 

In special circumstances a teacher may decide to have the GATE District Advisory Committee review the outcome of the GATE screening results for students in grades 3-8. The Review Process begins in March and ends in April before spring break. See this document for further details. The Review packets are due in April, to the Souza Center.

Students may qualify in one of either two ways: by assessment only, or by Review of multiple measures, including their assessment performance. The SMBSD G.A.T.E. Advisory Committee will meet together to review and approve/deny all Review Packets that are submitted.

 Leya O'Neal
Teacher on Special Assignment
ELA Grades 6 - 8 & GATE