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About Us


Welcome to the Santa Maria-Bonita School District website. As the largest school district in Santa Barbara County with about 17,500 students pre-school-8th grade.  In the heart of the coastal agricultural area, we celebrate our families, and the support they provide to the students of the district. The district is comprised of seventeen elementary schools, four junior high schools, and one combined elementary and junior high. The district is committed to a high-quality education for each student, to develop students who are ready for college and career.


Santa Maria-Bonita is committed to preparing successful citizens who are college and career ready. To achieve this level of readiness, every student will learn at grade level and beyond through effective Tier 1 practices.  

We have a deliberate, intentional culture of learning with high expectations where every day, every educator, every staff member, and every student seeks to learn and strives for growth.  

We support and challenge each other to stay focused on what matters most: ensuring that in every classroom our students are tackling relevant, challenging content, taking ownership for their learning and improving every day.


  • We believe every person has value and potential.
  • We believe in the power of teaching.
  • We believe families are critical partners in a child's education.
  • We believe the greatest learning occurs in a safe environment.
  • We believe all students should be given the best education possible.
  • We believe in being advocates for our district's excellence.
  • We believe in dignity and respect for all.


We are here to prepare children to be successful citizens.