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Dr. Darren McDuffie

January 9, 2023

Dear SMBSD Family,

I want to take this opportunity to wish all of you a Happy New Year! It is a bright future for SMBSD because all of you are here. It is always exciting to begin a new year and to see the opportunities ahead of us as well as reflect on what has occurred in the previous year. The first half of the school year seems to have flown by and it is certainly going to be the same for the second half of the school year. I feel so fortunate to be your superintendent. In these past few months my focus has been to create a culture of unity and “family” through the power of kindness, words and relationships. My focus remains steadfast on creating this culture.

One of the major initiatives that I believe will elevate this District to being a human organization opposed to an institution is the implementation of Strategics and Strategic Planning.  In March, the strategic planning process will begin where we examine beliefs, mission, objectives and parameters as a school community.  This will be another step in creating a culture that unlocks the untapped potential of our students and the entire SMBSD family.

So, as we begin 2023, let’s reflect on how we as individuals can contribute to the future we want to see for students and ourselves here at SMBSD.  We are stronger than we think we are  and can do more together than we can apart.  

Each of us are essential to the SMBSD community.  Whether you are a teacher, parent, custodian, office clerk, student supervisor, administrator or food service worker, you are important to the success of our students.  Strategics creator Dr. William Cook spoke of a system being of one essence, and everything and everyone within it adding to that essence with their own individual gifts and talents.  We are all essential, much like a jigsaw puzzle, all together constituting a single creation. Now, through Strategics, we can determine what we see, what it is that we want to create for the students of SMBSD.

Thank you all! Here’s to an amazing 2023!!!
If you have any questions or comments, please email me at this address and let me know what’s on your mind: 

In partnership. Thank you.
Dr. Darren McDuffie

Darren McDuffie Ed.D.


Maggie White

Public Information Officer, Webmaster

Kristyn Cornejo

Executive Secretary