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Strategic Plan

Santa Maria-Bonita School District has created a Strategic Plan sprouting from the ideal of strategics or strategic thinking.  Strategics is the method by which a community continuously creates a plan to serve an  extraordinary purpose.  According to Dr. William Cook, Strategics expert, “Strategic decisions are those commitments that challenge the existing orders, create disequilibrium, and encourage risk toward new realities.”  Our focus is for every student to be engaged and inspired in their learning in preparation to continuing their journey towards achieving their future aspirations.

This logo is representative of the many components that make up the Santa Maria-Bonita School District Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan Parameters Mission Strategies Objectives Beliefs

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Strategic Plan logo with green sprouts highlighted

The three green sprouts in the logo represent the objectives of the SMBSD Strategic Plan.

Every student will…

  • Discover who they are, their passion and purpose, through meaningful educational opportunities.
  • Be empowered with self determination to have ownership and joy in their learning.
  • Be prepared for limitless possibilities and achievements using their unique gifts and talents to develop skills to reach their maximum potential.

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Strategic Plan logo with blue pages highlighted

Strategies, represented by the four blue book pages, include...

  • We will engage families and community to fulfill our mission.
  • We will recruit, support, and retain high-quality people.
  • We will provide structures and facilities to support inclusive learning experiences.
  • We will nurture the whole child.