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Educators may refer students in grades 3-8 for the identification process each year beginning in October, and ending in December, before the winter break.  Screening will begin in January and end in March. No G.A.T.E. assessments will be administered outside of this window. Teachers complete a behavioral rating scale for all students to be referred in grades 3-8.  An exception is made for all 2nd graders who will automatically be assessed.  Parents have the option of not having their child assessed for identification.  Students may qualify in one of any three ways: by assessment only, by consideration of multiple measures, including their assessment performance, or by appeal packet.  These appeal packets are due in March, to the Souza Center. 

The SMBSD G.A.T.E. Advisory Committee will meet together to review and approve/deny all Appeal Packets submitted after testing.

The official identification process begins with the completion of this Google Referral Form .  This illustration provides a visual of the entire screening process. 

Referral forms must be submitted electronically.  Please do not submit any referral forms used before the 2018-2019 school year.

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