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Pupil Personnel Services


The Office of Pupil Personnel Services is committed to providing services to students and families who are experiencing academic, behavioral, emotional, physical, and/or social difficulties. The Pupil Personnel Director collaborates with school administrators, teachers, agencies, human service providers, and other student support services personnel to coordinate services for families in order that students may achieve the maximum benefits from their educational experience.

Link to ANTP (Annual Notification to Parents/Guardians Handbook)

Students need to attend school punctually and regularly. 

Letter for the Santa Barbara County District Attorney.

The Health Services team includes a School Nurse and a Health Assistant assigned to each school.  The Health Services Program Specialist schedules monthly meetings of the Health Services staff to address their special needs, provide specialized training, and promote standardization of District health services procedures and practices.

Brian Zimmerman, Ed. Phd
Director Pupil Personnel


Rachele Azziz
Health Services Program Specialist



Nancy Garza


Jennifer Ellsworth
Health Services Clerk IV


Margot Olivarria
Family Outreach


Kelley Haines
Carolyn Kleinsmith
Lynne Watje
Heather Clinton
Anna-Liza Pacaoan
Kim Danell
Julie Chan
Katie Mendoza
Kathleen Freeman
Iran Rahbar