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District Assessments

Our district currently has assessments in place for oral reading (1st-6th) , writing (K-8th), and math (TK-8th). Assessments for English Language Arts are currently being piloted by individual school sites, who might require other grade level assessments, as well.  

Click on the tabs for current information on the testing windows for required TK-8 district-wide assessments, as well as for information about the tests themselves.

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Click on the links below to find more specific information on materials distribution, testing windows, and due dates for our district-wide assessments.

All TK-8 Assessments by Trimester

Required District Assessments

Assessments by Grade Level 

These docs contain more comprehensive information, with notes pertinent to the specific grade level.  


*Please note that these are links  to live Google docs.  They will contain the most reliable and up-to-date information.  Dates are subject to change; keep this in mind if deciding to print copies.


TK-8 District Language Arts Assessments

These assessments are tools to help determine whether students have met grade level standards.


Administered 1:1 or in small groups at end of Trimesters 2 and 3


Administered 1:1 or in small groups at the end of each trimester

Kindergarten Assessment 

1st Grade

Administered 1:1 or in small groups as a baseline (September) and at the end of each trimester


2nd-6th Grades

For the 2019-20 school year, the only district-required ELA assessments are:

  • Reading
    • F&P entered into SchoolCity four times per year (August, October, February and May)
    • For those not required to collect F&P levels: Lexile scores entered into SchoolCity four times per year (August, October, February, and May)
  • Writing - Unassisted Writing required in Fall and Spring (scores entered October and March)

7th-8th Grades

  • Reading - Lexile scores collected, in accordance with reclassification data collection
  • Writing - District Writing Prompt scores collected by April, 2020

Guided Reading Levels


Unassisted Writing Assessments

The SMBSD Unassisted Writing Prompt is based on the new California State ELA standards' shift toward writing from sources.This shift is also reflected in Smarter Balanced testing.

Students will develop written pieces that respond to ideas, events, facts, and arguments presented in text sets.  The inclusion and use of a variety of texts prior to the actual writing process allows students to build knowledge about the topic, and to develop a response to the prompt based on evidence from the texts.

 The Unassisted Writing Assessment process is designed to be a formative assessment tool that will help to reflect students' writing strengths and weaknesses. Assessments for grades 2nd through 6th are to be administered in the fall and the spring. Junior High writing is administered in the spring.

The process should also help drive both individual and group instruction in the classroom.  Additionally, the school sites, and the District use the scores as a summative assessment.  Scores recorded in SchoolCity and the writing samples placed in cums, demonstrate growth over time, and help build an anecdotal picture of a student's abilities in the area of writing as s/he progresses through the grade levels.

 For Kindergarten through Sixth grades, all of the resources included in the Unassisted Writing Prompt packets are included for each grade level, which are accessible via the links below.


The current Junior High writing assessment is not being released digitally. Past year's assessments are accessible below, to use as practice materials. 


TK-8 District Math Assessments

These assessments are tools to be used to help determine if students can demonstrate that they have met the grade level curricular goals suggested in the Instructional Trajectory. Teacher copies of each the online assessments will be available via the links below, along with coherence maps and the trajectory.  Please note, that for copyright reasons, the assessments themselves will  only visible if you are logged into your district Google account while accessing the website.



Here is a very  brief tutorial on navigating SchoolCity.

Entering scores for KSEP, Unassisted Writing or Oral Reading?  Here is the way to do that.