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What is the Study of History or Social Science?

History-Social Science offers students the opportunity to learn about the world and their place in it.  Students will focus on thinking critically, and reading, writing, and communicating clearly. The mission of preparing California’s children for college, careers, and civic life includes the integral study of history, civics and government, geography, and economics. These disciplines develop students’ understanding of the physical world, encourage their participation in our democratic system of government, teach them about our past, inform their financial choices, and improve their ability to make reasoned decisions based upon evidence. Moreover, these disciplines play a vital role in the development of student literacy because of a shared emphasis on text structure, argumentation, and use of evidence.

(History-Social Science Framework, ch1)

There are four sets of standards that are the focus of History-Social Science instruction:

History-Social Science Content Standards

Historical Analysis Skills/Standards (K-5: pg 8-9, 6th-8th: pg 28-29)

Literacy Standards/Skills (p14, 80)

English Language Development Standards

Jennifer Loftus
Director, Teaching &Learning


Karen Mackley
Teacher on Special Assignment